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  • Domus cover page + two photos in internal pages (March 2022).


  • Kanto (cultural magazine based in Manila, Philippines): interview about architecture photography, explorations and spaces (May 2021).

  • HIŠE (Slovenian architecture magazine): interview with me made by Bostjan Bugaric about my 2017 photo exploration tour of former Yugoslavia.

  • Morning Calm (Korean Air's in-flight magazine): many photos of my Chandigarh series published in an editorial feature.

  • Two photos published on the 14th issue of the magazine Вопросы всеобщей истории архитектуры (Questions of the World History of Architecture) in an article by Alessandro De Magistris and Anna Vyazemtseva.

  • Blue Crow Media: two of my photos included in the Brutalist Calendar 2021.


  • My C20 Detail: one photo and one short text included in this collection of 20th century architecture details, published by Twentieth Century Society, a British charity which campaigns for the preservation of architectural heritage from 1914 onwards.

  • Domus published an interview with Bostjan Bugaric, curator of the exhibition “Architecture. Sculpture. Remembrance. The Art of Monuments of Yugoslavia 1945–1991”, including a gallery with a selection of my photos of Yugoslavian monuments (November 2020).

  • Domus published a photo series about Meazza Stadium in Milan, together with an article by Davide Borsa (July 2020).

  • HIŠE (Slovenian architecture magazine): 4 pages article about my work written by Bostjan Bugaric, with photos from Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, Bosnia, Germany, Switzerland, France, India and a screenshot of my map of the 9,000 km solo trip I did in 2017 all around former Yugoslavia (March 2020).

  • Lonely Planet Magazine Italia (travel magazine): featured in an article focused on art and architecture on Instagram (Jan-Feb. 2020).


  • The installation was part of the temporary creative project "Diriyah Oasis", designed and curated by Dubai-based studio Designlab Experience and located in the Saudi Arabia capital of Riyadh.

  • My photos of the Foundling Home, an orphanage built under Catherine the Great in 1764 and used in the 20th century by the Soviet Dzerzhinsky Military Academy, before the renovation were published on AD Russia (Dec. 27th 2019).

  • Territorio (rivista realizzata da  DAStU - Politecnico di Milano): cover photo of the issue nr 87/2018, available from July 2019, together with an article of Daniele Villa, focused on the fragility of urban landscape including an in-depth about my work togheter with 12 photos of mine.

  • HIŠE (Slovenian architecture magazine): six photos of the Rozzol Melara complex in Trieste published together with an article by Bostjan Bugaric (April 2019).

  • Blue Crow Media: one of my photos includend in the Brutalist Calendar 2019.


  • My gallery about the 19th century iron warehouses in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, is listed among the Best 2018 by the important media Domus.

  • Professione Architetto (architecture website): highlighted in an article focused on 5 architecture photographers to follow on Instagram (June 2018).

  • werk, bauen + wohnen (Swiss architecture magazine): photo series about a private house built in Switzerland by Francesco Buzzi (May 2018).

  • A series about a structure of the 19th century at risk in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia was published from Jan. 22nd 2018 onwards on: Domus, Designboom, Metalocus, Idealista.

  • Designboom (architecture, design and art media): different photos published in an interview to the artist Edoardo Tresoldi (Jan. 8th 2018).


  • ​ (architecture website): article about the latest stage production by Designlab Experience including photos captured by me in October 2017 in Kuwait (Oct. 30th 2017).​

  • KURIER (Austrian monly magazine): featured in an article about the use of Instagram by architecure photographers (October 2017).

  • The online magazine of the important Strelka Institute in Moscow published an article signed by Armen Arutyunov about Soviet modernism in Tbilisi, featuring a selection of photos by my and by Stefano Perego (July  11th 2017).

  • Photosophia (Italian photography magazine): interview (May-Jun. 2017).

  • werk, bauen + wohnen (Swiss architecture magazine): photo series about the Losone power station built in Switzerland by Francesco Buzzi (Mar. 2017).

  • Smith Journal (Australian quarterly arts and culture magazine): cover page (Mar. 2017).

  • Progresso Fotografico (Italian photography bimonthly magazine): 6 full pages interview (Jan.-Feb. 2017).

  • Sonntags Zeitung (Swiss weekly magazine): series of a residential architecture in Aurigeno, Switzerland (Jan. 29th 2017).

  • The Walkman Magazine (art, design and architecture Italian website): interview (Jan. 12th 2017).


  • Designboom (architecture, design and art media): series "Modernist Majesty in Belgrade", on modernist and brutalist buildings in the capital city of Serbia (Dec. 27th 2016).

  • Afisha (Russian art, entertainment and culture media): in-depth article signed by Tigran Harutyunyan focused on Armenian Soviet modernism including different pictures by me (Dec. 7th 2016).

  • The Paris Review (literary magazine): a photo of the Lycée Sainte Marie-Lyon in La Verpillière (France) published in an article on brutalism (Oct. 11th 2016).

  • Divisare (architecture website): gallery of pictures of the Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen, Denmark (September 7th, 2016).

  • Progorod Samara (Russian local media): interview organized during my photo-trip around Russia in August 2016.

  • (online edition of the architecture and design magazine Domus): "La Grande Motte" (May 8th 2016), series of pictures by me and Stefano Perego of the French seaside resort La Grande Motte.

  • (online edition of the architecture and design magazine Domus) published "Brutalist Architecture"​a commented photo-essay on my project on brutalism  (Mar. 22nd 2016).


  • Concorde Magazine (lifestyle magazine): series about the Lotus Temple in New Delhi (Jul. 2015).

  • Lepota života (Serbian art blog): interview about my trip to Belgrade (Jun. 30th 2015).


  • AD - Architectural Digest Italy: full page publication of a photo of Casa Campanini (Milan), in an article focused on art nouveau in Italy (Nov. 2011).

  • The Wall Street Journal online: Graveyard Beauties, some of my graveyard photos published on the culture section, in a gallery about European monumental graveyards (Oct. 2009).

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